10 Reasons You Should Fly Singapore Airlines

Deciding to Fly Singapore Airlines

Our recent decision to fly Singapore Airlines for the first time ever after years and years of travel was not a decision made lightly.

Read on to find out why and the 10 reasons you should fly Singapore Airlines, given the chance!

Seasoned Travellers

We are seasoned travellers. In fact, we now travel for a living. It’s a way of life. It all started 11 years ago when we left our home country to become expats in a foreign country.

Since then we’ve travelled extensively on many different airlines; signing up for loyalty programmes to hopefully get freebies or upgrades or something extra or unexpected.

We’ve flown Emirates, Etihad, Air New Zealand, Qatar, KLM, Qantas and to be honest they have all been much of a muchness. None was a shining star. Often they would start out well and over time the quality of service and delivery would diminish.

Our Travels Wows Over the Years

We’ve had our luggage lost more times than we care to remember. There’s nothing worse than landing after a 30-hour flight across the world for a family wedding, only to be left standing staring at an empty luggage carousel.

Two family weddings in fact; only the second time it wasn’t only our luggage lost but the baby accessories and equipment belonging to our travel companions. It’s tough when your baby’s stuff goes AWOL for 48 hours after you’ve been in the air for 30 hours.

Compensation of some type or another is usually forth coming but what use are vouchers for domestic travel in a country you are only visiting for a couple of weeks?

And, what about the damaged luggage? That suitcase with it’s lock ripped off and the handle munted so badly there was no choice but to chuck it!

How realistic is demanding proof of purchase receipt for said item, purchased three years ago in a country 12,000 miles away, when you’re on holiday? How realistic is that?

So when we were planning our return to the northern hemisphere after a year “downunder”,  and after much research and consultation, we decided to fly Singapore Airlines.

The whole experience was so good we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why we recommend and would not hesitate to fly Singapore Airlines again.

1. Easy Booking Process

We found that we got the best deal by going straight to the horse’s mouth I.e. downloading the app and booking directly with Singapore Airlines.

Comprehensive research through Skyscanner and Expedia revealed that this time the direct booking was our best bet for the best deal.

Often cheap flights involve hours of extra flying time and multiple transfers. We needed to get to our destination as quickly as possible, so this time around we bypassed those cheaper deals.

However, the cost of this flight was still competitive.

The Singapore Airlines app is incredibly user-friendly and the booking process simple. The electronic SIA ticket arrives directly to email and saves conveniently into the app for future reference.

The features of the app:

  1. Search Flights – search for flights to your chosen destination and book directly
  2. Flight Status – check the status of any flight within 48 hours of departure of arrival
  3. My Trips – a history of all historic and future planned trips
  4. Check in – check in online 48 hours before a scheduled flight to receive an electronics boarding pass which will simplify and streamline the process at the airport.
  5. Special Offers – A huge range of special offers on flights worldwide
  6. E-Library – a range of electronic magazines, newspapers, comics and the Kris shopping catalogues and destination guides, which can be downloaded 48 hours before a trip and 24 hours after departure.

At the time of booking, we also signed up to the KrisPay Frequent Flyer Program just because it was easy. As I said in the opening paragraph of this article I’ve never found these loyalty programs to be very rewarding in the past. But, who knows, maybe this time?

48 hours prior to flying we checked in online. Again the process was easy.

The KrisPay FF Program is free to join and earns miles immediately. There is a separate app to download to start earning straight away.

2. Streamlined Singapore Air Check in and Boarding

The Singapore Air check in counters open about three hours prior to the flight. Being unfamiliar with the airport and the airline we arrived in plenty of time.

We had checked in online through the Singapore Airlines app and had our electronic boarding passes ready.

By the time the counters opened the check-in queues were massive. However, Singapore Airlines had streamlined the process by dividing the check-in up into First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, Online Checked-In and All Others.

This meant that the lines moved quickly and we were through in no time at all having already checked in online and this was the shortest queue for some reason.

Just a heads up here for seasoned travellers out there that Singapore Airlines weigh carry-on luggage. The limit for carry-on on Singapore Airlines as with all others we’ve flown with is 7kgs. Personally, I think this is a perfectly sound rule, as how often do you see people boarding a plane with massive carry-on they can hardly carry?

The 30kgs checked luggage is another bonus of flying with this airline.

The boarding process was fast and easy. We were slightly nervous as we were carrying a precious piece of cargo onboard (guitar) but it proved to be no problem. The cabin crew were obliging and it was placed carefully in the overhead lockers above us.

3. Extra Spacious and Comfortable Seating

Settling into our seats onboard the A350-900 for the eight-hour flight from Brisbane to Singapore’s Changi Airport we were pleasantly surprised at the spaciousness of the seating. The configuration on this aircraft is 3-4-3. The seats are comfortable and the extra leg room a bonus for anyone over six feet tall!

We had chosen seats just behind an exit aisle to the right side of the plane; aisle and middle. The window seat had exit access to the front as there are only two seats in the exit aisle. This was a perfect scenario as we only had to disturb each other for bathroom visits.

Our seating on the Singapore to London leg of our flight was even more comfortable, under the bulkhead at the back of the plane. We could tilt our seats back without fear of distributing fellow passengers. And, also had easy access to bathrooms and the galley.

Pillows and blankets were supplied and welcome during the long 13-hour leg.

4. Hot Towels 

Remember those bygones days of hot towels and friendly smiling cabin crew? Well, on Singapore Airlines it’s not just a pleasant memory. There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot steamy towel to refresh yourself with after the airport and boarding process is complete.

And, amazingly, thanks to Singapore Airlines, hot towels to refresh after waking after 10 hours in the air and just prior to landing.

Also, I loved that the wet towels were collected quickly for disposal so you weren’t left holding a cold wet towel.

The cabin crew on these aircraft work really hard to provide an exemplary service.

5. Comfort Kits

Shortly after take-off, we were presented with a little zipped purse. I thought, how exciting, remembering those early days on Emirates.

Inside the wee zippy purse were a pair of flight socks and a toothbrush and toothpaste.

These little extras are such a delight when travelling long haul. Toasty warm toes and the ability to brush your teeth during layover prior to the next leg of the flight is priceless.

6. Prolific Snacks and Drinks

As soon as we were in the air and cruising those charming cabin crew arrived seat side serving drinks and nibbles. The choice of drinks was endless. Beer, wine, spirits, juices, sodas, tea, coffee. Whatever you wanted you could have.

Snacks and drinks were served continuously throughout the flight by smiling staff who were happy to help in any way they could.

And, we may have overindulged just a little on red wine.

Sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, muffins and endless offerings of water and juice kept coming, which is a perfect way to avoid dehydration on long haul flights.

7. Dining Options

The meals, I must say were nothing special. Fairly standard airline food but pleasant enough with a choice of three different main meals accompanied by a small salad, bread roll, cheese and biscuits.

The chicken biryani was actually really tasty and followed by the most delicious ice-cream ever. A Maggie Beer burnt fig, honeycomb and salted caramel. Great way to round out a meal in the sky.

Also, a bonus feature for me was the metal cutlery. It’s so much easier to eat a meal with proper knives and forks than with the requisite flimsy plastic utensils on most other airlines.

A hot breakfast of omelette, roast potatoes and tomatoes accompanied by fruit salad and yoghurt was most welcome after the long 13-hour onward flight, Singapore to London.

8. Inflight Entertainment

Inflight Entertainment is my favourite part of flying. A chance to catch up on the latest releases and binge-worthy box sets.

The 1,000 plus on-demand movies and TV shows on this flight definitely gave me my fix.

Singapore Airline’s IFE was easily navigated and user-friendly and included a good range of movies, music and games to keep most people happy.

Once you have downloaded the Singapore Airlines app check out the onboard entertainment before boarding and create playlists. One feature I loved was that once registered and signed in, KrisWorld will remember where you are up to in a movie and you can hook straight back in on your next flight.

9. In Seat Extras

Singapore Airlines also provides some interesting and surprising functional extras. The cup holder on the back of the seat in front was invaluable. A perfect and safe place for your drink whilst eating.

I was blown away by the mirror in the tray table. Just slide back the little aperture and voila! Great for checking the face and hair after 13 hours of flying.

Way back in the early days of this travel adventure planes had footrests. Right? What’s happened over the ensuing years I’ve no idea and sadly I thought they no longer existed.

Cue Singapore Airlines A350-900 and voila footrests on every seat.

I firmly believe that the comfort and space of the seating along with the addition of the footrest was the reason I slept for a good six hours from Changi to Heathrow, which for me is unheard of.

Footrests are a godsend for people with shorter legs as they take the pressure off the legs allowing better circulation and mitigating restless leg syndrome

10. Customer service

The Singapore Airlines check-in staff was courteous, friendly and efficient, which is definitely a plus in my book as often they can be grumpy and rude. Possibly after hours of dealing with demanding and rude passengers?

Singapore Airlines cabin crew were the most attentive crew I’ve flown with in a long while. We were offered drinks and food regularly, which made for a very comfortable and pleasant journey. And, always with a smile. Nothing was too much trouble.

I personally enjoyed this immensely after so many flights with surly, rude and disinterested cabin crew on other airlines.

Well done Singapore Airlines. I’ll be flying with you again in the future and highly recommend you to other travellers.