Exploring the Wonderful Brick Bay Winery and Sculpture Park

Brick Bay Winery and Sculpture Park

The Glasshouse Restaurant

Living like a local for a few days in a given location often presents unexpected opportunities and experiences. Not least of which was a recommendation that we visit Brick Bay Winery and sculpture Trail.

As we began our journey back to Auckland after our long weekend on Kawau Island we headed there to enjoy lunch and a wander through the park which showcases some of New Zealand’s most exciting artists.

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The Most Exceptional Degustation Delight

Salmon gravlax degustation The Beach House

Whilst we were staying in a private home on Kawau Island we were extremely lucky to experience this restaurant’s Saturday night degustation menu.

This unique property located in beautiful Vivian Bay offers luxury boutique hotel accommodation along with fine dining in its signature restaurant, The Beach House.

Vivian Bay is the only sandy beach on Kawau Island and the restaurant offers diners stunning views of those white sands and the sparkling waters of the bay adding a luxurious dimension to the experience.

We were greeted warmly by Luke the manager and at his suggestion, we opted to have an aperitif of bubbles on the terrace whilst enjoying the enchanting views of the bay and the warm night air.

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Kawau Island Idyllic Weekend Getaway

An Unexpected Invitation to Kawau Island

A recent totally unexpected but lovely invitation saw us spending a weekend on Kawau Island. To be perfectly honest, despite being kiwis ourselves, we’d not heard of this island paradise.

Unknowingly, this experience fitted perfectly into our safetravels196 ethos of travelling to those places less travelled; ‘off the beaten track’ locations which focus on social responsibility and protection and conservation of the environment. 
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Metropolitan Train Travel Australia Easy and Affordable

Metropolitan Train travel is easy and affordable and contributes to sustainable tourism

Learning to Train Travel Australia with Ease

We’re travelling and house sitting in Australia until mid-January 2019. And, although we’re fortunate to have access to our homeowners vehicles for shopping and emergency vet visits etc, we endeavour to travel mostly by public transport. It’s all part of our travelling ethos of being easy on the planet and supporting local communities, and sustainability and  social responsibility in tourism.

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