Five Weeks Of Fun On Tamborine Mountain

House sitting on Tamborine Mountain

Being given the opportunity to house and pet sit in Tamborine village at the foot of Tamborine Mountain was a dream come true for us. The climate was mild with temperatures at least 15 degrees warmer than what we had left behind in New Zealand and we were ready for some sunshine after a cold and wet winter.

Tamborine Mountain in south-west Queensland is covered in natural rainforest and enjoys a moderate and temperate climate making it the perfect stop-off location for two cold kiwis. 

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Last Housesitting in New Zealand Experience

Last Housesitting in New Zealand Experience

All our housesitting experiences have been special in some way. Some are more special than others and our last housesitting experience in New Zealand proved to be exceptional.

As housesitters it’s critical that we are as informed as possible about our charges in order to bond quickly. Ensuring our pets are happy is extremely important to us. Forewarned is forearmed so routines, schedules and behaviors become our focus.

On confirmation of a housesit we send a Housesitting Details Form to the homeowners (HOs) requesting information about the home and pets.

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Housesitting on a Dairy Farm in the Eastern Bay of Plenty New Zealand

Back in the Countryside

Our latest  two week housesitting engagement  was on a dairy farm in the Eastern Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. Waimana is a small rural area about 24 kilometres from Whakatane. Such an interesting experience. 

Housesitting is a popular concept amongst rural folk and we’ve had our fair share of the rural life this past 12 months.

The reality is that this housesitting engagement was pretty easy and relaxed and in a stunning setting against a backdrop of luscious green pastures and perfect scenery. 

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Housesitting a Grumpy Cheeky Agressive Boy and His Sister

An “Out of the Blue” Message

We had a few days to fill in between housesits and out of the blue came a message from Kiwihousesitters. Would we be interested in housesitting a grumpy, cheeky and sometimes aggressive Pekingese and his timid Shih Tsu sister?

It was the first time for this homeowner, a recent expat arrival in NZ, and she was really nervous about leaving her beloved pets with strangers. She was honest and warned there was the potential for “biting”.

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